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About Ro Kim
Ro Kim began painting in oils at the young age of 7 in Seoul, South Korea. Becoming known as a premier artist in the area, he studied at the University of Korea and developed his talent before going to work in Japan and France as well.

In 1972 Ro Kim came to the United States and made his home in Glendale, California where he has earned a large following of collectors. He has created portraits for many celebrities, including William Holden, Pele, Ming-Na Wen, Tony Orlando and Damon Wayans, as well as presidents Bill Clinton and Kim Young Sam (South Korea).
Kim's works, which include portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and seascapes, have appeared in numerous television shows and have been collected by Hollywood notables such as Steven Spielberg, Forrest Ackerman, and George C. Scott. His paintings adorn movie posters, book covers, and album jackets.

Working from photographs, or just his imagination, Ro Kim astonished viewers with detailed portraits that can look like modern photographs or works of the old masters.
Ro Kim taught fine art classes at Glendale College for 3 years, has been a member of the National Register's Who's Who since 1999 and has been invited to both the US and Korean White Houses.

It's no wonder that he has accumulated a long list of admirers and is an institution in Glendale.


Original Oil Paintings
by Artist Ro Kim

Ro Kim's wall of awards


Selected Oil Paintings
Boy in Blue
"Boy in Blue"
Original Oil Portrait by Ro Kim

Dog and Cat
"Dog and Cat"
Pet Portrait by Ro Kim

Ballet Dancers
"Ballet Dancers"
Original Oil by Ro Kim

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